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    Section I Use of English
      Read the following text. Choose the best word(s) for each numbered blank and mark A, B, C or D on ANSWER SHEET. (10 points)
      Thinner isn’t always better. A number of studies have __1___ that normal-weight people are in fact at higher risk of some diseases compared to those who are overweight. And there are health conditions for which being overweight is actually ___2___. For example, heavier women are less likely to develop calcium deficiency than thin women. ___3___ among the elderly, being somewhat overweight is often an ___4___ of good health.
      Of even greater ___5___ is the fact that obesity turns out to be very difficult to define. It is often defined ___6___ body mass index, or BMI. BMI ___7__ body mass divided by the square of height. An adult with a BMI of 18 to 25 is often considered to be normal weight. Between 25 and 30 is overweight. And over 30 is considered obese. Obesity, ___8___,can be divided into moderately obese, severely obese, and very severely obese.
      While such numerical standards seem 9 , they are not. Obesity is probably less a matter of weight than body fat. Some people with a high BMI are in fact extremely fit, 10 others with a low BMI may be in poor 11 .For example, many collegiate and professional football players 12 as obese, though their percentage body fat is low. Conversely, someone with a small frame may have high body fat but a 13 BMI.
      Today we have a(an) _14 _ to label obesity as a disgrace.The overweight are sometimes_15_in the media with their faces covered. Stereotypes _16_ with obesity include laziness, lack of will power,and lower prospects for success.Teachers,employers,and health professionals have been shown to harbor biases against the obese. _17_very young children tend to look down on the overweight, and teasing about body build has long been a problem in schools.
      Negative attitudes toward obesity, _18_in health concerns, have stimulated a number of anti-obesity _19_.My own hospital system has banned sugary drinks from its facilities. Many employers have instituted weight loss and fitness initiatives. Michelle Obama launched a high-visibility campaign _20_ childhood obesity, even claiming that it represents our greatest national security threat.
      1. [A] denied [B] conduced [C] doubled [D] ensured
    、【答案】B concluded
      【解析】 題干中,一系列的研究已經_____,事實上,正常體重的人的患病風險要高于超重的人。根據句義,后面的部分實際上是研究的結論,因此concluded 符合題意,其他選項denied(否認)與意義相反,doubled(翻倍)與題意較遠,ensured(確保)不符合題意,因為研究不能確保后面的事 實,只能得出后面的事實作為結論。所以正確答案為B。
      2. [A] protective [B] dangerous [C] sufficient [D]troublesome
    、【答案】A protective
      【解析】 題干中,對于某些健康情況,超重事實上是有_____。根據前文研究的結論,超重能減少罹患疾病的風險,說明超重具有一定的保護作用。Dangerous 和文章意思相反,sufficient表示充足,troublesome表示有麻煩,不符合題意,所以正確答案為A。
      3. [A] Instead [B] However [C] Likewise [D] Therefore
    、【答案】C likewise
      【解析】第三句話中,較重的女人患缺鈣的比例低于較瘦的女人。_____,在老年人中,一定程度上超重……。需要填入的是和前半句表示順接的詞 語。A選項instead表示逆接的句意關系,B選項however也表示逆接,D選項therefore表示因此,只有C選項likewise意為同樣 地;也,而且。因此正確答案為C。
      4. [A] indicator [B] objective [C] origin [D] example
    、【答案】A indicator
      【解析】本句話中,_____,一定程度上超重,經常是健康的_____。A選項,表示指示器,指標。B選項objective表示客觀;C選 項origin表示來源,D選項example表示例子。根據前面的文章內容,已經明確指出超重代表了健康,因此超重是健康的指標。因此正確答案為A。
      5. [A] impact [B] relevance [C] assistance [D] concern
    、【答案】D concern
      【解析】本句話的句意是,需要更加_____是,很難對肥胖加以定義。A、impact(印象);B、relevance(相關性);C、 assistance(輔助);D、concern(關注)。前文已經說到肥胖事實上有利健康,但是又面臨一個問題,到底如何去定義肥胖,因此需要更加關 注的是對肥的定義,其他選項均不符合題意,所以正確答案為D。
      6. [A] in terms of [B] in case of [C] in favor of [D] in of
    、【答案】A in terms of
      【解析】題干中,肥胖經常______體質指數,或稱為BMI來定義。A、in terms of ,根據……,就……而言。B、In case of 表示在某種情況下, C、in favor of 表示贊成,以……來取代,D、in respect of,關于……。因此正確答案為A。在醫學研究和臨床測試中經常使用BMI作為衡量受試者健康的重要指標,希望考生能夠記住這一背景知識,方便日后做題。
      7. [A] measures [B] determines [C] equals [D] modifies
    、【答案】C equals
      【解析】本題題干中BMI_____體重除以身高的平方,這里是用文字敘述了BMI指數得出的方法,也就是一個數學公式,所以equal符合題 意。A measure(測量)、B determine表示確定;D modify(修訂)。句義就是BMI等于體重除以身高的平方。
      8. [A] in essence [B] in contrast [C] in turn [D] in part
    、【答案】C in turn
      【解析】本題題干中,肥胖_____能夠分成中度肥胖、重度肥胖和極度肥胖。A、in essence(事實上、實際上); B、in contrast (相反地);C、in turn(依次); D、in part (部分地)。本句是將肥胖依次分級,所以正確答案為C。
      9. [A] complicated [B] conservative [C] variable [D] straightforward
    、【答案】D straightforward
      【解析】題干中,相比之下,這樣的數字標準看起來_____,實際上不是的。A、complicated (復雜);B、conservative(保守)、C、variable(可變的);D、straightforward(直截了當);這里的數字標準指 的就是肥胖指數,肥胖指數分為三類,而且算法比較簡單,所以A復雜不正確,B選項保守,用于描述一種數學公式,不恰當,一名患者或一名受試者的BMI一般 是確定的,因此可變的也不符合題意,D選項straightforward表示直截了當,符合題意,因此正確答案為D。
     ?????? 10. [A] so [B] unlike [C] since [D] unless
    【答案】B while
    【解析】本句中,一些人有很高的BMI,實際上身材正好,_____其他人有較低的BMI指數,可能_____。從前半句我們可以看出,有些人 的BMI指數很高,應該屬于體重肥胖的人,事實上身材正好,這里說明的是反常的現象,后半句是其他人的BMI指數較低,而_____較差

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